DIY Fest Part One

I woke up this morning at 9:20 and made vegan crepes.

I felt like that deserved its own line.  It is a separate thought, and separate thoughts belong in their own spaces.  Our group went down to Winnipeg to check out the Do It Yourself Festival.  When we arrived we helped ourselves to the pool table that was overflowing with free clothes (you take some, you leave some).  I picked up a cute red t-shirt that has a Yamaha logo on it.  Sounds cheesy when I type it, but it looks cute on me.  Afterwards, I went to the following workshops:


I wanted to get a refresher on sewing by hand, and I got just that.  Plus I re-learned how to do a french knot, how to hem pants, and how to darn holes in socks.  A pretty handy workshop considering I haven’t put a needle into thread by hand since I was in Grade 7.  We had the luxury of using sewing machines for our Home Economics class.  Not only that, one of my parental units works for a sewing machine company and there is always a new machine sitting in the office in all of its computer I’m-better-than-Singer glory.


This workshop was just a debate about the advantages of home schooling and the stories of people who have been home schooled that went into high-schools afterwards or parents who are teachers who home school their kids.  It was very interesting.

Hot Safe Sex:

It was impossible to fit everyone into the room that the workshop was being held in.  I knew that my whole group was in the room, so it made little space for everyone else.  The workshop was nothing I didn’t already know, except for one fact.  You can use non-microwaveable plastic wrap as a dental dam.  That’s actually pretty handy.  Another way to protect yourself is to cut off the fingers of a latex glove and stick your tongue into the thumb and go about your business that way.  I guess that makes two things I didn’t know.  Following the workshop, we were ‘treated’ to a random cartoon art porn film thing called Green Pubes.  The quality was terrible and from what I could see, it was in stop motion animation.  Kind of questionable.


The last workshop was about cutting your own hair.  I have never put a pair of scissors that have been in my hands to my hair in my life.  I leave that to a stylist.  I leave my hair color to my colorist.  That’s just how I roll.  After attending the workshop however, I feel that if I ever get really really drunk and I want to cut off my sexy locks (which, I was told, will take another 6 months to reach its full potential, and also that my face shape can pull off having shaggy hair), at least I can do it properly now.  All I need is some good scissors.  Plus a bottle of Tequila.

That concluded the first day of DIY Fest.  Tomorrow we are returning to Winnipeg for more DIY Madness (can you say soap making, paper making, book binding, breast casting, and urban exploring? I can!) and also going to an Ethiopian restaurant so we can spend our Food for Learning budget.  Katimavik’s fiscal year is ending at the end of March, so we are receiving a new budget come April, which means we have extra money to burn.  Food for Learning is money that can go towards the group going out to an international restaurant and learning about the culture while eating their delicious food.  I can hardly wait!

P.S. Why the hell does Facebook’s “Item of the Day” always sell out? Who the hell buys that crap?


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