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Curious George bandages make the owies go away

Today Lu and I cooked a lot of pizza, cleaned the house, and set up the house for the Portes-Ouvertes.  Somehow we had time to sit down and watch 2 episodes of Sex and the City and I had the chance to upload the rest of my CDs onto my iPod.  Now I’m stealing albums from Taiger’s computer (only albums because I hate it when things are properly mislabeled.  Thank god for Gracenotes). 

Speaking of my room-mate, he cut his hand at work today with an exacto-knife.  It was deepest at his pinkie, less deep on his ring finger, and a shallow cut on his middle finger.  He went to the hospital for 3 hours and then decided to leave because he was tired of waiting.  He ended up being forced to go back by the Project Leader because it was still bleeding.  Silly Taiger.  He got stitches and now he is fine, but he missed the Portes-Ouvertes.

The Portes-Ouvertes was a success.  About 30 people showed up, as well as Katimavik’s Head Office Communication Department.  It was so much fun! Lu and I made too much pizza and now we don’t have to make felafel’s for the Carnival Excursion.  Everyone had a great time and there were a lot of past participants and curious neighbours.  It felt more like a party than a Portes-Ouvertes, but that’s all right by me.

I have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be really relaxed.  I can hardly wait.  It’s also Valentine’s Day tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to seeing all of the hilarious comics that Natalie and Drew are going to come up with for V-Day and making a non-denominational love dinner with Lu.  Orgasmic Mac & Cheese anyone? 

Jeff started a new managing job at a Footlocker in the Eaton Centre.  I hope his first day went well.  Time to call him and see how it went.


Paging Dr. Tinycat…

Dr. Tinycat to the OR...

That’s the cutest thing EVAR. 

Not only does that cat look cute in those scrubs, so do I.  I also look cute in chef’s aprons.  I guess I can pull off that stuff.

I don’t have much to say today.  I cleaned the main floor of the house today and made Indian Pea and Potato soup as well as Chapati with Lu.  While it was cooking, we watched more Sex and the City.  Following dinner there was French class, which was enjoyable as always. 

Tomorrow is the Portes-Ouvertes.  I think it’s going to go really well.  Lu and I have to make 5 pizzas tomorrow.  It sounds like a lot of work, but it probably won’t be that bad.  A demain!


“Shh… Quiet Time…”

My first day as House Manager with Lu was a refreshing balance of work and rest.  We went grocery shopping at 9 and finished at 11 (only to learn later in the day that we will have to return tomorrow to pick up more vegetables for the Portes-Ouvertes on Wednesday and freeze our faces off).  Afterwards we had lunch and then I cleaned the 2 downstairs bathrooms, the kitchen and swept the whole downstairs.  Following the extreme cleaning, we took a break (I uploaded more songs onto my iPod.  Hooray!) and afterwards prepared dinner in-front of a laptop that was playing Sex and the City (Season 2.  The only flaw I’ve found in it so far is that they always do some random miniature interview with some random people on the street.  My guess is that this was before the show became so streamlined and a walking fashion magazine).  Tonight’s dinner was stuffed bell peppers with scalloped potatoes.  Lu and I both believe in cleaning up as you go (something that was beaten into my brain by my mom and just makes a lot of sense), so we had little mess. 

After dinner, the group prepared the house for the Portes-Ouvertes.  I used my “gay skills” (interior decorating ability) and re-arranged the living room.  I should of taken pictures of it to show just how much the room has been opened up now.  I also re-organized a cabinet in the dining room and discovered a few interesting things:

1. A slide-show of a 2005 Katimavik group.  The whole group is going to watch it later for amusement and comparison.

2. A VHS tape of a Katimavik group doing a 1993 Parade de Mode (Fashion Show), just like we did in December this year.  I wonder if it was with Cartier-Emilie as well? Too bad the world doesn’t believe in VCRs anymore.  But my billet family does…

3. The IKEA 2008 Catalogue! The MALM bed is just as awesome as ever (I still want it in the apartment that Jeff and I are going to live in at some point).  Some of the furniture that is featured is so obviously designed by accident that you can tell how the idea came about (for example, there’s a lamp that looks like someone was holding a paper bag over a tea light and said, “Oh, look at how fantastic this looks! Let’s turn it into an IKEA lamp!”)

Tomorrow there is more shopping and less thorough cleaning.  For dinner: Indian Pea and Potato Soup with Chapati.  Stay tuned!

P.S. Today’s title is inspired by the patient Geneviéve (who was waiting for the computer).  I wrote a really lame title for a post and then I said (a little loudly) “I’d never post that”.  Gen replied with “Shh… Quiet Time…”.  Now I have a title.  Thanks, Gen!

Also, I have a new layout.  I don’t know if it’s going to stick around or not.  Only time will tell.


An unintentional cliff-hanger

As I went to bed last night and almost finished talking to Jeffrey, I said, “Oh crap.  I never explained why I was a company whore for Priape.” In order to explain this and other phenomenons, I’m going to deploy a few -Ings!


Unico and Ginch Gonch Underwear.  I bought them at Priape and I love them to death (and I know Jeffrey will too).  A gay man can never have too many awesome pairs of underwear.  Who knows when your pants are going to rip at the seams and the whole world will see your underwear? (That has never happened to me, but I saw it happen to a guy in drama class.  Oh drama class…)


The compliments I received when I was wearing my new black jeans in the Katima-house yesterday.  You know that people have lived with you for too long when they know that you have new jeans.  Then again, I didn’t own any black jeans before, so that could be a logical conclusion as well.  Next jean to buy: Charcoal grey jeans at Old Navy.


The copious amounts of coughing I hear in the Katimavik house.  (TMI ALERT) I have a bit of phlegm in my throat and it’s freaking me out.  I’m washing my hands like I’m OC, not touching my face and drinking water.  I refuse to get sick, especially when I will be managing the house next week.

Today the Katima-group is going rock climbing in an indoor gym somewhere.  I didn’t use to enjoy rock climbing but now it is fun and games until someone impales themselves on a rock attached to a wall while they are rappelling.  The first time I went rock climbing was on my childhood friend & next door neighbour’s someteempth birthday (I guess we were about 9 or 10).  We went to Sport’s World to climb some walls and I was nervous and couldn’t do much climbing.  The birthday girl was fearless and hit the bell many times.  After watching her climb up there and jump back down again, I wondered what I was so afraid of.  Everything was safe, no one was going to get hurt.  By using that logic, I was no longer afraid of heights.  This story isn’t very exciting as no one actually took out one of their eyes on a rock.  Too bad for the reader, eh? Maybe I’ll James Frey the story a little…

It was a stormy night in May.  It was Emily’s birthday, she wanted to go rock climbing at Death World.  Being her best friend and next door neighbour, I decided to come along, not knowing what perils and dangers lied ahead.  As we were driving down the 401, we passed by a dead cat being eaten by crows.  As I was staring at the feast, one of the crows slowly turned its head and looked at me.  I shuddered and hoped that this was not a sign of things to come. 

We arrived at Death World and got set up in our old climbing gear.  The buckles were rusty and the straps smelled of moth balls.  I asked if there was any other climbing gear to use and the employee said, “Sorry little man, that’s all we got”.  “Whatever,” I thought, “at least there is someone holding me up with a rope.” Emily goes up first, and since she is the birthday girl, she gets brand-spanking-new rock climbing equipment, courtesy of Death World.  She makes it to the top of the wall, dings the bell, and rappels back down the wall with ease.  “Your turn, Ed!” she says enthusiastically.  “Okay… are you sure?” I reply back.  “It’ll be fine! There’s always someone holding the rope, so you’ll never fall.” “That’s true.  Okay, I’ll do it!” I say,  swallowing my fears. 

When I looked up at the wall, it seemed like it went on forever and the bell was barely visible at the top.  I slowly started to make my climb, my legs shaking on the funny shaped rocks, trying to steady myself.  I look back and see the employee with the rope, giving me the thumbs up (of course, I’m still only on the first row of rocks, silly me).  I climb up and get more sure of myself with each stone I grasp. 

Just as I am about to reach the top, I lose my footing on a rock and feel my stomach churn.  “Don’t look down! You’re almost there!” yells Emily.  I don’t know what it is about that phrase, but when you’re told not to do something, you always do it.  So I look down and realize that I am very high up the wall and everyone is watching me.  As I look down, I try to find where my rope is.  I breathe a sigh of relief when I see it on the ground in a heap.  … At that point it hits me: “Wait.  There’s supposed to be someone holding that rope.  It’s not supposed to be on the ground.” My nerves start to kick in and my hands begin to shake and sweat as I attempt to grasp the next rock with my right hand.  I reach for the rock too quickly and my right hand falls to my side.   Now I only have my left hand and my two feet delicately perched on rocks.  I attempt to pull myself to the wall, but gravity wants to fight me, and I fall to the ground.  Gravity 1, Ed 0.  I can see the rocks moving away from me in slow motion as I let out a scream.  I can feel the ground rushing up to meet me…

Oh wait, that won’t do.  I didn’t take out my eye or anything.  Uhmmm…

All of a sudden, a crow flies in through the window, its beak all bloody, screaming “CAAAAAAAAAAAAW!” I recognized the crow as the same one that was eating the dead cat and staring at me.  Now I was staring at it and it was flying at me like a black torpedo.  I close my eyes and the crow’s beak tears through my eyelid and scoops up my eye into it’s beak.  It felt like a spoon scooping out a grape from a Del Monte fruit salad.  Then I hit the ground and die.

There.  Worst.  Story.  Ever.  Time to go rock climbing for real.  If I call anyone and see any crows, start preparing for my funeral.

P.S. Today’s underwear is the Emo Boy Shorts from La Senza for Men.


Post #40

That was the title of my draft when I saved it.  I don’t know what the title of this post should be, so it seemed appropriate.  Anyway, I was reading some past LJ entries of my friends, and the following things have come to my mind:

1. I have to go on a tour to visit London, Windsor, Cambridge, Ingersoll.  I gotta catch up with people this year.  Also finally visit Sudbury because I promised Jazz and Fran that I would (if not that, we still have Greece).  Or I will throw a giant “Ed Is Back!1!11!1! Party” so it will bring the people to me.  Or perhaps both. 

2. My birthday is always a bad day as something always goes wrong.  2007: Push a van out of snow, almost get killed by crazy Quebecois drivers.  2006: Have my birthday celebrated with a bunch of gays, which was a bad idea because they were all celebrating the birthday of Britney.  2005: Celebrated birthday with Sean, Ashley, Jazz and Ray.  It was quiet but a good birthday.  Previous years: also quiet.  The only birthdays I can remember that were really good was my 5th and my 6th.  My 5th was good because it was snowman cake (sounds like a stupid reason but it makes me happy to think about that cake).  My 6th was good because I got “Surprise!” yelled at me while I was wearing my Beaver’s uniform. 

All of the other birthdays do not merit the same kind of warm fuzzy feeling when I look back on them.  Is it because I was born 4 months early? I must have a real birthday somewhere.  Maybe it’s the week before (Mascot, loads of gifts from Woodingford, etc.) or perhaps it’s just luck.  I should find out my real birthday.  It’s sometime in mid-March I think.  Stay tuned.

3. Quebecois folks eat their pizza crusts with butter or mayonnaise.

4. (This is for my parental units) I am happy to say that my billet family never licked their plates clean.  Why is this such good news? Because when I did a Quebec exchange with a late friend of mine in 2003, his family licked their plates (literally) when they had finished a meal.  I was a bit frightened about my billets, afraid that they were going to do the same thing.  Fortunately they did not.  However, due to their Bosnian background, they have soup with every meal.  They also have alcohol before noon on Sundays.

5. Walking by string soloists, duos and quartets in the subway makes me want to say, “Hey, come follow me around and play some walking music! Afterwards we can go into a studio and cut some tracks!” Then they would laugh.  Really hard.

6. I need to buy and read more poetry books.  When I get back to the Katima-house, I’m stealing Jess’ Spanish poetry book and loving it. 

Today started off like usual.  Woke up at 7:30 AM, decided to sleep in a little bit and woke up at 8ish.  Got ready to go to work, caught the 18 bus to the Metro, picked up a Metro paper and read it until Viau.  After reading a review on Les 3 Petits Cochons*, I really want to watch it.  It looks interesting and it’s not children’s book.  Walked to work, helped out a client in her apartment by putting away stuff and assisted the chef in cooking.

I helped make a simple syrup that was later used to make Crème fraîche avec des pistaches.  Now I can have confidence to make it on my own.  Making a syrup in the kitchen was always a no-fly-zone when I was younger.  My mom is afraid of the stickiness.  (The no-fly-zone stickiness reminds me of when I used to make this awesome fudge in the summertime.  I wonder where the recipe went?) Also made a fantastic savoury puff pastry thing (which I took pictures of and sent to the chef), and learned how to make a natural NeoCitran (Lemon juice + Lemon zest + hot water.  Duh). 

After work, Éli and I went to the Priape store because I saw a leather bracelet there that I wanted to buy (I’m a company whore for them today because I’m wearing their underwear.  More on that later).  Jeffrey stole received (I don’t know which.  I think I gave it to him) my other leather bracelet (from Le Château) and I haven’t had anything in that style grace my wrist with its presence since.  All the better excuse to buy one.

I had decided on one when the guy mentioned that there was more bracelets downstairs.  Downstairs, as the bear and the sign told me, was the leather store.  Éli and I sauntered down the stairs and were greeted with police pants, novelty fists and dildos and a contraption that had a toilet seat (I explained how I thought it worked to Éli.  She was not amused).  While we were waiting for a salesperson to show us the other bracelets, I stared at all of the hilarious paraphernalia.  Who could take someone seriously when wearing this stuff? A dildo the size of a telephone pole, a shirt that says “Who’s Your Daddy?”, and chain-mail jockstrap in rainbow colored links? Come on.  Then I remembered the Seminar of Sex by Ali and I realized that many people take this seriously, it’s just not visible to the public.  Only during Pride (ba-dum-shink).  I saw a bracelet that looked kind of interesting, but it turned out that it was attached to another bracelet, which meant that it was a code for others that I didn’t want to send off (wonder what white means anyway… virgin?)

We walked back upstairs, I bought the bracelet I wanted and we went to the Katima-house so Éli could pick up a paper.  Then I went home, reheated leftovers, and started writing this blog.  I’m really enjoying blog writing again.  It’s probably because I have the time and the continual access to the computer here, unlike in the Katima-house. 

My parental unit #1 (Mom-bot) just called, so I’m going to call her back.  That ends the adventures of Ed and Éli for today.  Stay tuned tomorrow when I work two jobs: Radisson Centre AND Propulsion.  What WILL happen to the blog as I return to the Katima-house? Will it collect virtual dust (or moutons as the French call them.  Dust sheep = Dust bunnies?) once again or will it be a billet time well spent? All this and more partial excitement coming soon!

* P.S. I have also wanted to see Shortbus for the longest time.  Ever since I read about it in NOW Magazine.  There’s actually quite a few movies I want to see, but that will have to wait for another post.


Nothing says fun like…

Getting a stomach flu yesterday morning.  The stomach flu is like that really annoying friend who goes on a trip to the UK and you’re really glad to see her go, but then when she returns you remember why you were so happy when she left.  But I recovered quickly and I’m working at the Radisson Centre today.

I was checking my OCAS documents yesterday and Sheridan has also accepted me.  Now I have a dilemma.  Problems like these call for a new category being created: College.  I called the deans of Sheridan and George Brown today to help me make a descision.  I asked each college what to expect in the first semester and what my diploma gets me.  Here’s what I found out:


The Sheridan dean told me that there was a year of general study and then the next year was the co-op placement (3 days a week) with 2 days of classes.  With my diploma I can apply to the Ontario Social Service Workers College, and/or get a degree in Gerontology from some University (the website didn’t specify which one, it just said, we have links with a bunch of Universities!).  I wouldn’t of been able to find out about the years of general study if I had not of contacted the Dean.  The website is pretty but does not have a lot of information.

George Brown:

The dean of George Brown informed me that co-op placements start in October of first year in a nursing home and second year is a more intense and specific placement (long term care, palliative care, etc.).  I can get a degree from Laurentian in a year with marks in 3.0 or higher.  The website has all of the courses listed as well as a FAQ, which is extremely helpful.  I didn’t even really need to talk to the dean, but I’m glad I did so I could have confirmation that there was co-op in both years.  Plus the dean informed me that I could have a co-op placement in Mississauga, if I so desired.  How awesome is that?

After that phone call my mind was made up.  I’m going to George Brown for Activation Aide / Gerontology.  In doing so, the tag I made for “College” will now say “George Brown”.  Sure, George Brown’s website isn’t as pretty as Sheridan, but beauty is only skin deep.

Today at the Radisson Centre I worked in the classroom all day and fed a client at lunch.   My client had Shake n’ Bake chicken with potatoes and corn (which he didn’t finish) with a bag of chips (which he purchased and finished… someone’s family didn’t force them to finish up what is left on their plate when they were young), and 2 Ah! Caramel squares (from the people who brought you Jos Louis and Half Moons, we bring you a combination of the two… with caramel in it!) 

My client’s lunch was clearly superior to mine.  I had a President’s Choice Blue Menu Meat Lasagna.   I’m not used to eating microwave food anymore, and this lasagna was not a happy camper.  A small pool of oil on top of my lasagna is not appealing, neither is having difficulty getting the plastic wrap corner lifted so steam can escape (and so I don’t end up with nuclear lasagna… oh wait, I had that anyway).  In the famous words of Street Cents, “President’s Choice Blue Menu Meat Lasagna is fit for the pit.  *toss and explosion*” I savoured my Caramilk chocolate and kept looking at my client’s Shake n’ Bake (no, not his bum, his food… pervs).  I haven’t had Shake n’ Bake in forever! I remember when it infiltrated kitchen cupboards everywhere in the 90s, along with Rice-a-roni.  Where are you now, seasoned bread crumbs with a ziploc bag?

Now for a test.  Radio Blog, do your stuff!

… FAIL.  Check back later.

I was feeling nostalgic and decided to listen to some Chrono Trigger music.  Then I remembered that Chrono Cross has a combination of two songs in one that I enjoy.  Hope you enjoy it too.

The Ing Thing

Every week I’m going to write a few things that I am -ing(ing) at the time (thanks to for the inspiration).  Observe:


Jackie Oh! (1978) by Kitty Kelley (written as requested by Lyle Stuart).  This is one of the books in my billet family’s house.  It’s all about the ups and downs of the life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.  It’s biographical fluff and it’s killing time since I already read and re-read the Cosmo and Life & Style that Katie, Alan and Alex sent me in a care package (thanks so much you guys! Now I know how a woman feels!)


I’ve always thought that vanilla yogurt would be a good taste.  Then I tried it on Friday and was pleasantly surprised.  It almost satisfies my craving for cheesecake.  Hmmm… I wonder what would happen if I put vanilla yogurt into a cheesecake batter…


A Subway sub and an excuse to use these coupons.  On Thursday while I was at work, one of the clients gave me some Subway coupons.  Now I feel obligated to use them.  Foot-long Meatball sub with a free combo meal (with extra cookies ’cause I can) here I come!


L’Oreal’s Men Expert Moisturizing Cream.  I usually dismiss Men’s products because I find that they have the same ingredients as the women’s products but they just smell more manly.  Thanks to my billet house, I’ve had the chance to sample this lovely moisturizer and I have to say that it absorbs beautifully and soothes my skin.  Maybe those metro-sexual guys are on to something.


My iPod USB cord.  I know it is in the Katima-house somewhere and it’s killing me not to have music on the way to work.  Not that I mind reading 24 and Metro while I’m on a subway, but I’d rather have my music and people watch while I’m saving the earth with public transportation.

What do you think? Pretty fun eh? Try it yourself (in your blog, facebook note, or whatever) and post your -ings.

The Weekly Report

This week has been busy and full of waiting and patience.  Today I stopped waiting.  More on that later.  Here’s what else went down this week:

Monday January 28th:

When my parents came down to visit me for my 48 hours off, I asked them if they could drop off some gifts to Jeffrey.  For his birthday I got him a bracelet, a tea flower and a toaster (the parental units did not think that this was very romantic, but I assured them that Jeff would love it ’cause he said he would like a toaster at some point).  On the Monday my dad dropped off the gifts at Jeff’s work.  We were going to use a squad car to drop it off but that may have arose some suspicion.  Jeff loved his gifts and had a very awkward bag to carry home on the bus.  Score one for Ed.  A toaster totally says I love you.  As for me, I say I love you Jeffrey.

Tuesday January 29th:

I was supposed to go out to a drag show but that didn’t happen.  Instead I made friends (Matthew, a friend of the billet family and a friend of his that saw Matthew in the window of the Second Cup and decided to pop in and say hello) over coffee at the gayest Second Cup EVER.  If they had the option of putting rainbow sprinkles in my hot vanilla bean chocolate, they probably would have.  Plus I could feel eyes staring at me the whole time.  I was over dressed for a Second Cup as I was wearing my red button up shirt and jeans.  At least I was over dressed instead of under dressed.  Being under dressed is only applicable in 2 situations: going somewhere gay and club-like or gay pride parade.  You won’t ever see me running around with body glitter and a speedo on (The sunny beaches of Canada are no place for a speedo.  Only Europe.)

Wednesday January 30th:

I worked at the Radisson Centre with Éli that day.  It was a very interesting morning as it was someones birthday and there was a fire drill.  Nothing says fun like hastily putting on coats and having no idea what is going on (we actually learned it was a drill later on and not a real fire).  If you want good practice in putting on coats and winter accessories onto challenged people, run to your nearest community center and pull the fire alarm.  You’ll be impressed with how fast you can get a coat onto someone.  For the rest of the day we helped out in the classroom and fed people at lunch.  Éli and I discovered a mall next to our work and decided to go check it out on Friday.

Thursday January 31st:

I saw Tricot Machine that night (Listen to L’ours.  Love love love it).  They are a Quebeçois duo and they are awesome.  I saw a music video for Un Monstre Sous Mon lit and at that exact point I wanted to buy their CD.  It just so happened that they had a free concert that night near the billet house.  So my billet mom and I went and saw them.  I love them! They were so cute! The guy (Mathieu) played the piano so well and the girl (Catherine) played the glockenspiel and a cymbal and she jumped around and danced at random intervals.  Plus they told really awesome and witty anecdotes.  They did an encore and everything.  It was so great! I’m going to buy their CD at some point before I leave Montréal.

Friday February 1st:

I went to go see a drag show for reals this time with Matthew (the guy that my billet knows and was supposed to show me the drag show in the first place) and it was so much fun! All of the queens were so good at what they did and they made fun of me because I’m an anglophone (even though I understood what was being said).  But it was all in good humour and so fabulous.  I wonder how Toronto’s drag shows compare to this one. 

I made some new friends with these 3 girls that were dancing.  We all danced in a group and just made fools of Britney Spears.  I didn’t think it was possible to get to know people in a big city, but it is possible.  People are nice and friendly here but in a different way than Ingersoll.  In Ingersoll, people would smile at you and say “Hello” while walking by.  In Montréal and Toronto, people look straight ahead and make no eye contact. 

Éliane and Taiger were supposed to show up and hang out with me but Taiger didn’t turn his phone on after they were done watching a movie at a cinema.  I’m going to see my housemates tonight at Fufones Electriques (Electric Buttcheeks.  It’s a rock/ska/alternative/everything but electronic bar), so that should be fun.

The only downside about last night was the night bus.  I was waiting at Papineau Station for an hour when I really should of only waited 15 minutes.  The bus did eventually show up and I got home.

Saturday February 2nd:

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed as I had slept in until 10ish (I have been getting up at 7:30 every week day) and played some piano and just chilled out.  My billet family is away at a funeral and they will return later on in the evening. 

I opened my Ontario Colleges applications this morning and found that George Brown has accepted me into their program! WOOOOOO! The program is Activation Aide / Gerontology and the campus is at Ryerson U.  I’m surprised they sent out my acceptance on the first day.  I guess that’s what you get for applying early.  I should hear from Sheridan soon.  Ion should be getting back to me soon as well regarding my PL forms.  Things are looking up!