Why is that celebrity holding a tray of quiches?

If you were on the Metro yesterday afternoon and you saw a man who looked like a rock star/person who should own a motorcycle holding a tray of quiches, wearing white rimmed sunglasses and listening to an iPod, that was me.

I was taking the quiches to the house, which would end up at the Final Presentation.  It went really well, minus the technical difficulties of danse la poutine and the slide-show.  After playing the song I started to develop a blister on my thumb from strumming too hard.  I knew I should of used a pick.

No one from my work or from my billeting family showed up (although I saw my billet dad as the group was walking out of the Subway, which meant he was too busy), but we did get a photographer from some newspaper, the MPP, and our project co-coordinator to show up, as well as some Katima-alumni, 3 children, and a slew of billets and work partners.  All in all, we had about 40 people and a lot of food (3 pasta salads.  That’s what you get for making it a pot luck).  The next final presentation will be our real final presentation.  Hopefully it will be a barbecue.

Following the final presentation, we went home and played charades en français.  I can do really good impressions of beavers, turtles, and scarecrows.  Charades is so much fun for me ’cause it gives me the chance to make an ass of myself on stage and get a laugh out of people.  Some other impressions that were acted out included: dying, giving birth, making love, first kiss, sick, miming, and other obscure (and sexual) actions.  Our Second Language committee is a little body hungry apparently (as are the rest of us, except for one lucky participant whose boyfriend works for Air Canada and travels to Montréal constantly).

Speaking of boyfriends, Jeffrey is moving out of Toronto and into Ottawa.  Why? Because he hates Toronto with a fiery passion that is only known by me.  Since he may be going to U of Ottawa (or Trent) for the fall, it seems logical to move there for a while and see if he would enjoy it.  This is also good for me as it means I’ll be spending my next 48 hours in lovely Ottawa with him, plus he will be way happier with his living arrangement (no more catching mice and living in a basement apartment).  He moves this weekend, which means by the time I reach Stonewall on Wednesday, he will be all moved into Ottawa.  Best of luck to you babe.

I got a letter of reference and the Corpse Bride DVD from Propulsion today.  The only reason I can think of why they would give me that DVD is because Tim Burton also directed Edward Scissorhands, and the clients would sometimes call me Edward aux mains d’argent (Edward with silver hands).  That’s pretty far fetched but either way, it’s a nice gift and the last time I will have to walk into that placement.

Here’s a thought: Why doesn’t WordPress have a reply function for comments? Why is it only “Leave a response”? Time to have a nap.

P.S. A little math equation.  Me + Scruffiness = Hot (according to the Katima-group).  I was also told that I looked really good last week (for a sick person).  A picture post will come soon to decide that.


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