Sleeping alone in my room AND slowly affecting someone’s health? Score one for Edward.

I was awake at 3:19 this morning.  But it wasn’t because of my room-mate.  It was because of my coughing.  So I walked upstairs and got my trusty bottle of Robitussin and downed two teaspoons (I bought Nyquil by the request of Dr. Jeffrey).  My room-mate has migrated to the moldy storage room, which is a pretty sweet arrangement if you ask me.  Not only am I alone in my room now, but my room-mate will slowly be growing spores in his lungs as he sleeps.  It’s a win-win situation.  Now that the Snoring Saga is officially over (until next week when the group moves to Manitoba), here are some -ing things:


Matrix Biolage Shampoo and Conditioner.  One good thing about Katimavik is that when you live in a group of 11, you can use other people’s products and test them out on yourself.  Reaching back in my memory to days when I was a cosmetician in Shoppers, Biolage cost approximately $19.  That’s pricey for shampoo, but now I understand why.  These products are very good quality and they make my hair feel like I just had a wash at the salon.  Love it.


Hey Rosetta!The Shins and The Ditty Bops (not to be confused with The Doodlebops) are all fantastic.  Very indie.  Very awesome.  Go listen to their stuff right now! That’s another great thing about Katimavik.  Not only do you get to share hair products, you also get to share music.


This persistent cough needs to die a horrible death.  I’m talking pushed into a ditch and shot horrible.  I’ve been taking drugs and drinking liquids for almost a week now and it still won’t die.  If it persists until the end of this week I’m going back to the doctor.  This is a shitty thing about Katimavik.  One person gets sick, then it spreads faster than a drunk college girl living in a dorm with mono.

Tonight the group is going to the YMCA for our physical activity.  I haven’t used a machine to work out in 2 months.  We will see if all of the push-ups and sit-ups I have been doing since New Years have made me stronger.


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