If I ran 5 km, I don’t think anyone would see it because they would be too busy laughing.

How difficult is it to miss a flight of stairs that are right in front of you as you are running? I didn’t dare pose this question to the runners that were in the marathon today as I probably would of received a roundhouse kick to the face.  Then they would of kept on running because they are ambitious like Lady Macbeth. 

Today the Katima-group volunteered at La Fête du Montréal Intérieur et Souterrain (if you call running 5 km a party).  We were given volunteer t-shirts in a stunning I’m-a-volunteer-screaming neon yellow color (size Garbage bag) and then escorted to our stations to direct the runners around the course.  The beauty of this marathon is that it is all underground, just like the PATH system in Toronto. No dying of the cold for me.

My job was to direct runners up the stairs.  What it basically came down to was me pointing to the stairs and saying, “Monte les escaliers en au s’il vous plaït, please take the stairs up.  You’re doing great.  C’est bon! Woooooo.” for an hour.  I guess when some people get into their stride as they run, they don’t realize that stairs exist.  I got a few people trying to run into the security office behind the stairs and having to redirect them.  Some of them grunted and let out little screams (of agony?) as I was at the last part of the stairs.  Whatever gets you to the end of the finish line. 

I also got quite a few questions about where the washrooms were and how to get to the metro station.  I felt like a walking information desk.  All told, it was pretty fun and my soul felt better after volunteering.

The high point of my day had to be when we returned from volunteering and the whole group had a 2 hour nap, me sans room-mate disturbance (I learned this morning that I was not the only one who had a terrible sleep).  Earlier on in the day when he had woken up, I told him that we needed to reach a solution with the sleeping arrangement before I decide to smother his head with a pillow with the motive to stop more than just his snoring.  The solution? I’m going to sleep in the next room with my other male housemate for the next week until we move to Stonewall.  If another post at 3am shows up tomorrow, you will know how that turned out.

After the nap, the group went over the final presentation.  We finalized the song, practiced the Poutine Dance, and performed the presentation for our Project Leader.  I think it’s going to go really well.  It’s short and sweet, and it has variety.  A bit of talking, a slide show, a song and to cap it all off: the Québeçois Macarena.  It all goes down on Thursday.

Tommorow I go back to work, with or without the sickness I wear like an over-sized volunteer shirt.

P.S. Thank yous go out to Alex Chee and RJ March for adding me to your blog rolls.  I look forward to reading your blogs as I hope you look forward to reading mine.  If anyone knows any other good blogs I should be reading, let me know.  I loves me a good read.


2 thoughts on “If I ran 5 km, I don’t think anyone would see it because they would be too busy laughing.

  1. Jeffrey says:

    I think I can put words together smoother if I just say them so a big negitive on that blogging thing. I stick to vlogging and maybe… I’ll do it a little more often…

  2. Edward says:

    That’s true. Everyone does have different ways of expressing themselves. You should totally start vlogging again. I’m sure your fans miss you. Well, I’m sure I miss you.

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