A drop in the bucket

Today I am sick in the house.  After playing lots of guitar and laying in my bed and thinking about my future, I have decided to do the 8 Random Things About Me Meme:

  1. When I tell people where I’m from in Katimavik, I say Toronto, not Mississauga.  But the weird thing is, when I see them nod and say, “Ah oui, je sais Toronto.”  Following that I say, “Actually, I’m from Mississauga, it’s the suburb of Toronto”.  Then I see their mind go blank.  Maybe I should just stick with Toronto.
  2. If there is someone singing or performing a song that I know and they are off key or not playing the song correctly (and they aren’t trying to be interpretive or improvising), I will correct them.  It’s a pet peeve of mine.
  3. My metabolism makes people want to deep-fry food for me to try and fatten me up.  So far they are failing.
  4. I hate it when I get marks on my shirts from my deodorant.  I would love to find a men’s deodorant that doesn’t do this.  Does it have to do with how I put on my shirt or is my deodorant to blame?
  5. I have discovered that I can pull off many looks: cute, preppy, sexy marine biologist, classy, underwear model, scruffy, and lumberjack.  I didn’t know I was so versatile.  Maybe that means something amazing in the future?
  6. I did not cook much in my second year of University.  After volunteering at Propulsion for 3 months and working with a top-notch chef, I feel that I can actually use my extensive knowledge of cooking now and make prep go by really quickly.  It also helps to be a house manager for 11 people. 
  7. After living in a house that involved paying for utilities separately, I have personally vowed to always have utilities included for now on.
  8. My dream is to win a Juno one day.

So there you have it.  8 random facts about me.   In other news, I have come to a conclusion on the MacBook and the Dell XPS M1330: I want a MacBook.  Specifically, this one: The Apple MacBook Pro 2007 Edition.  If you want to see the comparison, here you go.  Other comparisons that I have read just show that people are fans of either the Mac or Vista, and that doesn’t make any valid points. 

For me, the Dell is just too much power.  It would be a waste of $800 to buy it.  I’d enjoy the MacBook more.  But the only question that I have left is: What is the MacBook Pro 2008 Edition like? Only time will tell.

It’s only 3 months left of Katimavik.  Then it’s back to the Real World.  Time to go to bed.

P.S. I was looking at other people who did this meme and the following made me laugh: “My drag name was Letitia Blaze. Was. (She died in a plane crash.)”


One thought on “A drop in the bucket

  1. […] I’m selling the Canon one on eBay and the iPod Touch is AMAZING).  If you remember from a previous post, I said I would get a MacBook Pro.  I decided on the MacBook because I don’t need that much […]

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