“Beggars can’t be choosers, but I’m begging and choosing.”

The title of this post today is brought to you by Courtney.  During our workshop tonight, Katie had brought out a bunch of Lindor chocolate balls.  Courtney had selected a blue ball, which means dark chocolate in the world of Lindor.  She doesn’t like dark chocolate, so she decided to trade it and said the previously mentioned quote.  Now for some -ing things. 


Windows Vista to Mac OS X.  After reading a lot of reviews and looking at what each OS has to offer, I feel that Mac OS X is more my style.  It’s more multimedia friendly and pretty.  I’m not looking for a computer that I’ll whip out at board meetings and make extremely extravagant presentations with.  I’m just looking for a fun computer that will not freak out when I have multiple applications running and crash while doing so.  Before I become committed to Mac though, I’m going to do a laptop comparison with a MacBook and some crazy expensive Dell computer I read about in Men’s Health Magazine (Taiger buys them… I laugh because it’s like Cosmo for guys.  Only straight and worrying about whether they can please their women or not).  I’ll write another comparison once the stats are in.


A pair of black framed sunglasses that look awesome and are around $10.  I also want new glasses, but that will have to wait until after Katimavik.  I’m thinking of using a website that was recommended by notmartha.org called Glassy Eyes.  They have frames for $40 – $80, which makes me happy.  If all else fails, I’ll just go with my parental units to Costco (because they love Costco almost as much as they love me). 


Dallas Green’s Bring Me All Your Love album.  He has stepped away from coining his own sound in every song and instead created some variety (the very opposite thing made me end up dislike Coldplay’s X&Y album).  The good thing about making your own niche in the music world is that everyone knows that it’s your band or you when the radio plays your song (for example, anytime you hear an echo guitar intro, you know that it’s U2).  Whenever I hear a Two Hours Traffic song, I think of Katimavik and the fun times that we all had.  I have a feeling that there’s going to be a Katima-album at the end of the program.  Maybe I should start that project when it gets to that point.


Sex and the City.  Lu and I watched the whole second season and a part of the third season over the week when we managed the house.  Perhaps that’s why I want to be so fashionable now… or maybe it’s because I’ve always wanted to be fashionable and I’m finally doing something about it.  In any case, Sex and the City is fantastic.  I remember watching episodes at Banana Republic dinner parties, sitting around drinking wine and eating desserts.  I can’t wait to go back to Mississauga and have fabulous parties and be social and out of the Katima-bubble.  It’s funny, I never got into the shows that were popular when I was a teenager, but now I love them.  Friends, Seinfeld, Sex and the City… all great shows but I did not have the desire to watch them then.  Now that they’re out in boxed sets, I guess I can sastify that craving.

Today I worked at Radisson Centre with Éli.  It was a really lazy day.  All I did today is feed a client and help do research on the sinking of the Titanic and coral. 

Hopefully tomorrow will not be boring at Propulsion like it was yesterday.  I was sick but I went in for half a day in the afternoon and all I did was sweep the emergency exit stairs.  After 20 minutes of doing that, I watched the chef cook some food, and cleaned the walls of the aquarium.  Following that, I was given permission to leave early due to lack of thing to do.

There’s only 7 days left of volunteering and 10 days of Montréal.  The group is going to Le Rockette Friday night in celebration of Jess’ birthday, Saturday involves planning for the final presentation, and Sunday entails volunteering at an underground marathon.  Fun times lie ahead.

P.S. I was told today by someone that I am a great person for venting to.  What was a compliment that you received lately? Also, it is a lunar eclipse tonight.  Maybe that’s why everyone is acting so bizzare.


2 thoughts on ““Beggars can’t be choosers, but I’m begging and choosing.”

  1. Your "parental unit" says:

    Actually, Costco is first….they give us a 2% rebate.

  2. Edward says:

    But I give you great music and the chance to take care of you when you’re old. That’s something a 2% rebate can’t give you.

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