Nothing says fun like…

Getting a stomach flu yesterday morning.  The stomach flu is like that really annoying friend who goes on a trip to the UK and you’re really glad to see her go, but then when she returns you remember why you were so happy when she left.  But I recovered quickly and I’m working at the Radisson Centre today.

I was checking my OCAS documents yesterday and Sheridan has also accepted me.  Now I have a dilemma.  Problems like these call for a new category being created: College.  I called the deans of Sheridan and George Brown today to help me make a descision.  I asked each college what to expect in the first semester and what my diploma gets me.  Here’s what I found out:


The Sheridan dean told me that there was a year of general study and then the next year was the co-op placement (3 days a week) with 2 days of classes.  With my diploma I can apply to the Ontario Social Service Workers College, and/or get a degree in Gerontology from some University (the website didn’t specify which one, it just said, we have links with a bunch of Universities!).  I wouldn’t of been able to find out about the years of general study if I had not of contacted the Dean.  The website is pretty but does not have a lot of information.

George Brown:

The dean of George Brown informed me that co-op placements start in October of first year in a nursing home and second year is a more intense and specific placement (long term care, palliative care, etc.).  I can get a degree from Laurentian in a year with marks in 3.0 or higher.  The website has all of the courses listed as well as a FAQ, which is extremely helpful.  I didn’t even really need to talk to the dean, but I’m glad I did so I could have confirmation that there was co-op in both years.  Plus the dean informed me that I could have a co-op placement in Mississauga, if I so desired.  How awesome is that?

After that phone call my mind was made up.  I’m going to George Brown for Activation Aide / Gerontology.  In doing so, the tag I made for “College” will now say “George Brown”.  Sure, George Brown’s website isn’t as pretty as Sheridan, but beauty is only skin deep.

Today at the Radisson Centre I worked in the classroom all day and fed a client at lunch.   My client had Shake n’ Bake chicken with potatoes and corn (which he didn’t finish) with a bag of chips (which he purchased and finished… someone’s family didn’t force them to finish up what is left on their plate when they were young), and 2 Ah! Caramel squares (from the people who brought you Jos Louis and Half Moons, we bring you a combination of the two… with caramel in it!) 

My client’s lunch was clearly superior to mine.  I had a President’s Choice Blue Menu Meat Lasagna.   I’m not used to eating microwave food anymore, and this lasagna was not a happy camper.  A small pool of oil on top of my lasagna is not appealing, neither is having difficulty getting the plastic wrap corner lifted so steam can escape (and so I don’t end up with nuclear lasagna… oh wait, I had that anyway).  In the famous words of Street Cents, “President’s Choice Blue Menu Meat Lasagna is fit for the pit.  *toss and explosion*” I savoured my Caramilk chocolate and kept looking at my client’s Shake n’ Bake (no, not his bum, his food… pervs).  I haven’t had Shake n’ Bake in forever! I remember when it infiltrated kitchen cupboards everywhere in the 90s, along with Rice-a-roni.  Where are you now, seasoned bread crumbs with a ziploc bag?

Now for a test.  Radio Blog, do your stuff!

… FAIL.  Check back later.

I was feeling nostalgic and decided to listen to some Chrono Trigger music.  Then I remembered that Chrono Cross has a combination of two songs in one that I enjoy.  Hope you enjoy it too.

2 thoughts on “Nothing says fun like…

  1. Mik says:

    Eww, stomach flu.
    Yay! College!
    And ugh, you can’t base a school off the prettiness of it’s website. Oh, wait. Windsor had a really shitty site when I applied. Oops.

  2. Edward says:

    Yeah, this is true. A pretty website only means that they have a really good tech program.

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