The Ing Thing

Every week I’m going to write a few things that I am -ing(ing) at the time (thanks to for the inspiration).  Observe:


Jackie Oh! (1978) by Kitty Kelley (written as requested by Lyle Stuart).  This is one of the books in my billet family’s house.  It’s all about the ups and downs of the life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.  It’s biographical fluff and it’s killing time since I already read and re-read the Cosmo and Life & Style that Katie, Alan and Alex sent me in a care package (thanks so much you guys! Now I know how a woman feels!)


I’ve always thought that vanilla yogurt would be a good taste.  Then I tried it on Friday and was pleasantly surprised.  It almost satisfies my craving for cheesecake.  Hmmm… I wonder what would happen if I put vanilla yogurt into a cheesecake batter…


A Subway sub and an excuse to use these coupons.  On Thursday while I was at work, one of the clients gave me some Subway coupons.  Now I feel obligated to use them.  Foot-long Meatball sub with a free combo meal (with extra cookies ’cause I can) here I come!


L’Oreal’s Men Expert Moisturizing Cream.  I usually dismiss Men’s products because I find that they have the same ingredients as the women’s products but they just smell more manly.  Thanks to my billet house, I’ve had the chance to sample this lovely moisturizer and I have to say that it absorbs beautifully and soothes my skin.  Maybe those metro-sexual guys are on to something.


My iPod USB cord.  I know it is in the Katima-house somewhere and it’s killing me not to have music on the way to work.  Not that I mind reading 24 and Metro while I’m on a subway, but I’d rather have my music and people watch while I’m saving the earth with public transportation.

What do you think? Pretty fun eh? Try it yourself (in your blog, facebook note, or whatever) and post your -ings.

One thought on “The Ing Thing

  1. Francela says:

    Hey Ed! I can see why you moved your blogging here, pretty snazzy. I like this -Ing thing. Maybe I’ll try it out.

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