Monthly Archives: January 2008

“So Ed, how come you don’t update your blog anymore?”

The answer to this question is simple: “I’ve been very busy with my Katima-life.” Looks like it’s a trend for me to now only update bi monthly.  That’s not right at all, but it makes sense in a way.  I don’t really have much interest in the internet anymore.  The only reason I have a Facebook is so that it is easy to access my Katima-photos.  I’m going to delete it when I get home.

December 6th, My Birthday:

My birthday consisted of pushing a Katima-van out of snow, almost getting killed on a highway, and getting lost while trying to find the work placements that we were going to be going on tours for.  The second point is the most scary.  Audrey, our new Project Leader, was lost and instead of picking a way to go off the highway, she stopped in the meridian of the highway and the exit and called for help.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, we were also parked where the highway curved behind us.  Thank goodness we did not get hit.  I knew that last week was the perfect birthday.

Random Fact: Did you know that the Game of Life in french is called Destins? Now you know.

I would kill for an engliŝ English keyboard right now.  Every consonant with an h combonation I make, the keyboard corrects it and makes it a consonant with a circumflex.  So I have to press the right arrow key to make it normal.  So annoying. 

I work at Propulsion.  What is Propulsion? Propulsion is a place where the physically handicapped (some with mild handicaps as well) live in apartment buildings above.  I work on the ground floor with a housemate.  We clean, help the chef cook, and escort clients to places that they want to go (the movies, the store, the bank, etc.).  For about a month at the job we were only cleaning and helping out the chef (we rarely helped out the clients) so I talked with my supervisor to get some cĉllenging things to do at work.  Now, for one day of the week, my housemate and I go to the Radisson Centre to help out.  Over there it’s more of an activity centre, which is more fun to help out at and gives us a break from Propulsion. 

Speaking of being hungry for challenges, I applied to be a Project Leader in Ontario.  We shall see where things go from there.  More to write about that later on in the week. 

I’ll write more each day.  Some interesting stuff will be coming up this week for sure.  Colleges will respond to my admissions, Katimavik will respond to my request of a PL position, and my billets will continue to be awesome.