The Practice

Monday: I sang this song with la la la’s instead of the words today in the Lodge.  It went really well.  If I sang it in Japanese it would garner a lot of weird looks.  Plus the melody wouldn’t really be as noticeable if I played it on the piano like usual. 

Tuesday:I had a miniature recital with some of the old folks for 20 minutes while the staff had their meeting.  It didn’t go as well as I had hoped because I wasn’t expecting an audience.  I was only expecting myself and the keyboard.  I sang Feist’s Gatekeeper, but it sucked.  I also sang Emm Gryner’s Blackwinged Bird, which did not suck at all. 

Wednesday: I had a recital at 3:30-4:30.  I played a bunch of songs, sang Carole King’s So Far Away, The Carpenter’s Close to You, and I “la la”-ed this song.  All day I had no hiccups, no pitchiness (which isn’t a word but I don’t care), absolutely nothing went wrong.  Too bad no one recorded it.  I even saw tears well up in one of the resident’s eyes when I finished.  At the end of the recital, one of the seniors said, “Please thank him for us” so there was applause and a thank you from the activation supervisor on behalf of Woodingford Lodge.

I’ll be playing for Woodstock Woodingford Lodge later on in the month.  They have a baby grand that is calling my name.  I can’t wait.  The more I think about it, the more I want to be in entertainment rather than social work.  I feel like I’m connecting more through music.  That’s not to say that I’m not connecting at all through my job, but it’s a different kind of connection.  It’s an empathic and more vocal kind of connection.  You have to say the right words at the right time.  With music it’s more emotional and penetrating.  If I was to stab someone with emotion, my weapon of choice would be music over words any day.  I have so much fun with music which is evident to everyone that watches me perform.

This week my resident had a big smile on her face everytime I showed up to feed her.  For 3 out of the 5 days, she needed minimal assistance, which is fantastic because I can focus on other people who need my help.  However, on Friday I had a hard enough time focusing on one person, let alone others.  Since it was a beautiful day and we had a tea party scheduled, we decided to have the tea party outside.  No problem, I thought.  Last week’s tea had about 7 or 8 people present, so being outside would not cause any issues.  That day we were also short staffed.  So (without telling me or any of the people that were helping to run the tea) the PSWs decided to send everyone outside and let us give them a snack instead of going around and giving it to people in their rooms. 

Normally I would of been completely fine with this, had I been informed that I was going to have almost 30 people show up to an event.  I would of made more apple crisp, there would of been another container for coffee and tea, the co-op student would of made other arrangements to stick around a little longer (but she was a great help nonetheless), and the whole event would of run more smoothly.  We trucked on through anyway and everyone got a minuscule piece of apple crisp and a cup of coffee or tea.  I went home and finally relaxed for the day.

Starting on Wednesday, Gen and I have been going out and doing physical activities at 6:45 AM.  Wednesday we ran 2.5 km on the track (I learned earlier today that 2.5 km is nothing as Jeffrey had walked 7 km like it was nothing, but he’s a marathon man and I am not), Thursday we did length swimming, Friday we ran around the neighbourhood.  I’m getting exercises and I’m feeling more energized each day.  This week I’m going to start lifting weights so I can be toned and not just a skinny lanky tall guy. 

P.S. No one died this week either! So far the living count is at 2 weeks.  How exciting.


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