“Thank you for taking the time…”

In contrast to last week, I am happy to report that no one has died yet since my last post.  Hooray for living!

On Wednesday I learned how to feed seniors.  On Thursday I fed my first senior resident.  It was so simple and easy.  Plus I got to have a little one on one time with the person I was feeding.  It takes time to feed someone because you can’t rush swallowing and stuff.

My Mom visited later that day to drop off some button up shirts, a pair of jeans (’cause I got a hole in one pair and my underwear from hopping my backyard fence.  Not cool.) and a winter jacket (I wish I had my pea-coat).  We caught up a little and then she left.  It was Courtney’s birthday that day and so we celebrated with faux-alcohol punch and later her mom came by and we went out to Crabby Joe’s.  I bought her a Bailey’s martini and we had appetizers.  When we got home we had PC Cheesecake Carousel and homemade chocolate cake.  So good! Then we all went to bed at midnight.

A few notable things happened today:

1. My resident ate quite a bit of her breakfast.  Yay.  But she didn’t eat any of her lunch.  I tried to get her to eat but she wouldn’t have any of it.  She loves her beverages though.  Especially milk and tea, the latter of which I learned from a PSW.  She didn’t eat much of her lunch because she was depressed over the fact that she lost her job (?) which struck me as really odd.  So I spent an hour and a half with her talking about stuff and explaining that things were free and that she didn’t need to give the PSWs, me, or the servers any money.  I learned that she liked to go for walks, so we tried to go out but it was too cold.  I bundled her up with 3 blankets but we’ll just have to go out on a later day. 

Her daughter is a member of the government, and she has a picture of her daughter with Jean Chrétien and also a personal letter from Adrienne Clarkson for her 90th birthday.  How cool is that? I learned after from Derek that every citizen of Canada gets a letter from the PM, the Governor General of Canada and other prominent members of the government for their 90th and 100th birthdays.  That’s something to look forward to.

2. The resident that likes to say “Die die die” a lot decided to latch herself onto me after she got passed off by the secretary.  I tried to get her back to her room with no success.  I ended up just leaving her in the middle of the hall because I couldn’t do anything with her without having her wail, get angry or say “die die die”.  She likes to repeat the last word of her sentence and also use 3 letter words.  That’s what I learned from her ramblings.  Later on in the day I noticed that she was more docile.  She and another resident were just standing by the nursing cart.  I swear they were up to no good.  I think I’ll call them Double Trouble (it’s kind of a lame name, but I’ll think of a better one later). 

3. The male half of DT decided to urinate on the floor by the lounge today but he tucked it back in as soon as he saw me.  But the damage was done and the floor was covered.  The poor PSWs had to clean it up.  That job is totally not glamorous.

4. I got to know another resident today by talking with her for half an hour.  I fixed her bed (I guess there’s something to be said for working at HHC) and she was so thankful.  All I did was press a button.  I have more influence in people’s lives than I think.

All in all it was an eventful day but a work-filled one nonetheless.  Did you know that a PSW needs a minimum Grade 10 education and a college course in PSW training to be a PSW (as well as interpersonal skills of course)? You can get paid $20 for that job.  Makes me think about my future.  They’re in high demand and it’s only going to get higher because of the baby boomers.

Our group is going to TO for the weekend to go check out some art galleries and go work at the Fall University Fair.  Look for the Katima-shirts on Sunday!

P.S. The subject was said to me by the 1st and 4th notable events today.  I’m liking my job more and more.


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