Let’s try a new change

Sept. 5th:

At 6:45 PM I was in the Toronto Pearson Airport Terminal 1, wandering around with my bags and a guitar, looking for an orange circle with a green line underneath.  After 5 minutes of searching, I saw some luggage tags that looked just like mine and a group of people sitting down, waiting for something.  I knew I was in the right place after a man named Yan introduced himself and welcomed me to Katimavik.

I sat down, made my introductions to people, and waited for 7 o’clock to arrive.  When the rest of the group arrived, we went down to the bus stop, loaded our things into the bus and we travelled for 2 hours to Fingal, specifically to a Christian Centre.  Just to give an idea of what makes up a group, there are 5 guys and 7 girls per group.  There is 3 groups at the Mass Orientation (Mass O) camp at Fingal.  Therefore there are 33 Katimavik participants.

While on the bus, I made friends with a girl sitting next to me named Katie.  We totally clicked, talking about anything and everything for the whole bus ride.  I think that we were the only ones who constantly talked.  She knew about Chrono Trigger and Harvest Moon and other nerdy SNES things too, which we both found really strange.  We shared stories about where w are from (she’s from a tiny town in a prairie province in Alberta.) and also about crazy times during the summer.  The fog was rolling in as we drove into Fingal and was extremely thick when we got to our destination.

 We got off the bus and sorted out what we were going to keep in the rooms and what we were not and then we went to our respective rooms for sleep.  The rooms were divided into 4 per same-sex people.  I watched Harold and Kumar go to White Castle with a bunch of guys and then went to bed.

Sept. 6th:

Wake up call was at 8, but I was awake at 6:30 (Jeff, you would be so proud) and I got to know one of my roommates named William.  He’s pretty cool.  He worked as a farm hand in the Prairies (funny how I make friends with prairie folk the easiest) and he’s in the group headed for London (I think?).

I got to know my group (Go Ingersoll! Woo!) at breakfast that morning.  No one was really awake so it was kind of weird.  We just ate our cereal in silence and said very little, but we got friendlier as the day went on and by the end of camp we were quite a solid unit.

* Figures that it’s been a week since these things have happened, so I’m just going to write about the stuff that I remember as this blog trucks on.  Sorry!

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 10:40 AM.

Right now, it is so quiet in the house.  Everyone is either reading, chilling on the couch, or on the computer (or Palm Pilot in my case).  We moved into our house on Sunday afternoon.  The house is so awesome.  It’s a 2 floor house with a basement that has a washer AND a dryer in it.  Our backyard is huge! Twice the size of mine, which is fantastic.  The bedrooms are split into the 4 guys in one room, the girls in 2 rooms (3 in one, 4 in the other), Derrick our project manager has his own room.  There are 2 bathrooms in the house, one of them has a walk in shower stall, the other is just a tub with a curtain.  All of the doors are fireproofed because there was a fire in the house 2 years ago and they had to do hardcore renovations to fix it.  as a result, we now have this awesome fantastic new house. 

Stuff we’ve done so far:

We’ve set up house rules, gone on a scavenger hunt, went shopping (attempted to go twice at a 24 hour Foodland but the first time it wasn’t open.  Turns out it’s only a 24 hour store on the weekdays.  Very effective, no?) and today we are getting our memberships for the community center across the street from us.  We have also met the mayor of Ingersoll, chatted with 3 guys and 1 girl about piercings and tattoos (and also been creeped out by one of the 3 guys), talked about embarrassing stories, and that’s just from being here for 3 days.

I just thought of an awesome idea for this blog.  I’m gonna have a post about each person in this house.  Kinda like a spotlight thing that they do on Lucky Star (an anime I watched before I left.  Hilarious!) So expect to see that at some point. 

I’m really happy I’m doing this.  Our group is so awesome! Everyone is getting along really well and we haven’t gotten on each others nerves that much yet.  We have had our spats though.  For example, there are 3 francophones in our group and sometimes they get frustrated when we forget that we have to speak a bit slower and more concise to make sure they understand.  Not only that, one member of our group is a bit odd.  He needs to have a bit more time to himself.  But other than that, things are great. 

I love you and miss you guys, but I haven’t had much time to think about missing people very much.  There’s always something to do here.  I love it! Plus I think lunch is on so I better get going.  Expect to see more posts soon!


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