Zero Hour

Today’s the day I leave for Katimavik. For the first five days I won’t be in Ingersoll because there has to be orientation camp with 2 other groups in Fingal, which is a little south of London. We’re staying in a Christian Centre *insert joke here*.

I can’t believe that I get to leave today. It’s kinda surreal. Everyone is settled into their University/College lives again (or froshing it up) and I’m about to embark on an adventure to a little country town. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous, but who isn’t? Meeting new people, wondering if I packed too much, wondering if I packed too little, pissed that my PC won’t let me burn my songs onto my computer properly (stupid Real Player), sad that I don’t get to see anyone as often as I like now, but relieved that there is at least a way to contact people. My emotions are running the whole gamut here.

Anyway, I’m gonna stop typing. I’m getting a weird pressure on the left side frontal area of my brain, and I think it’s from the post. One can only assume.

I’ll be writing in a paper blog as well as on here when I get the chance. So keep checking back and there will be something new soon.


One thought on “Zero Hour

  1. Stella says:

    Sweetheart, paper blogs are journals. Or, as urbandictionary calls it, “anablogs”. 🙂

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